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It's no secret that we have a serious online shopping habit. We shop online all the time, for us it's more convenient, relaxing and it's fun! If you asking which is our most favorite shop website? Farfetch definitely is one of our most favorite shop website. In Farfetch you can find luxury, avant grade and cult designer labels including men's and women's fashion from clothing and bags to shoes and accessories. Today we got some good news to share with you guys. Farfetch will run a £2,500 competition from 3rd February till 11th February at 9am. It's truly a WIN WIN competition because what you have to do is just signing up then you can yourself 10% off your next Farfetch order!
Sign up at this link address: http://www.farfetch.com/refer-a-friend

I'm already signed up for this, all you have to do is click at this link address http://mention-me.com/m/ol/ypr-cherrie-liong. Enter you email address and you will receive your 10% off reward and also you will be automatically entered into the Farfetch £2,500 competition prize giveaway!

What are you waiting for? Let's get started and happy shopping my loves!




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As you guys might know, I'm currently in Berlin for a little vacation trip for myself. After more than 24 hours of traveling and transiting, we finally made our way to Berlin, Germany! I feel so good to be writing back again. The weather here is cold, you know I'm the person who hardly can't stand for cold weather but I couldn't resist taking more and more photos of all beautiful views in Berlin. These last couple of days have been super busy, we're in the city to attend Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. A huge fashion event full of beautiful and fashionable people. There's no words to describe how excited I am. I had a really fanatics night in Berlin Fashion Week and can't wait to share everything with you guys! Alright, let's back to the topic. I took these photos for quite a long time and I almost forgot to post it. So here is it, one of my most favorite black and white photos in Joe Chia CHAPTER 05 Womenswear and Joe Chia 02 canvas bag. Hope you guys will love it!

Photography by Lai Jay Hau

Stay tuned for more updates. 
Have a nice day everyone!




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For years now, the most common words I heard from other people was "you look tired" or "your eyes look puffy". I cannot describe how I felt when I heard that. Well, I am not tired, I'm fine but I simply couldn't hide my serious puffy eye bags. When I looked in the mirror, I was shocked by myself. My eyes look horrific like I haven't slept for a month. I really wanted to get rid of them and you know I'm a regular customer at Rachel Chew Clinic, so I decided to do a free consolation with Dr. Rachel Chew. I want to get her opinion. Mainly I want to volume on my cheek and get rid of my eye bags. Me and Evangeline did a tear trough filler treatment before and you can read the reviews here. Dermal filler did solve our tear trough problems, but this time we are talking about Botox. 

Here's the picture before Botox. So, what's the different between dermal filler and Botox? Dermal filler is helps to fill volume in any hallow areas on your face. If you want to cure puffy eyes, consider Botox. Botox meant to reduce the wrinkles, relax the muscles, so injected Botox into the puffy areas it will prevent the puffiness. Of course, Dr. Rachel told me that my puffy eye bags appear to be caused by muscle and they are usually seen only when I smile. So I could consider an injectable botox treatment to relax my under eyes muscle. 

I had this done 2 half weeks ago and I can noticed a little change today. I would like to say thank you for the amazing results! Rachel Chew Clinic have the best service, they are friendly, welcoming and most importantly their treatments are highly recommended. Now, when I smile or squint, there's no more swelling and puffiness appear my under eyes. 

For those who are interested, feel free to contact Rachel Chew Clinic. 
Solaris Dutamas,
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
+603- 28574455




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What we've been working on recently? Actually we are planning a trip to Europe. Yes! We are planning our first trip ever to Berlin and Paris on next week for fashion week. We really excited about going there visit and explore more fashion culture. We are so ready for it! Anyway, we are happy to reveal to you guys the collaboration with Yesah. This is the Malaysia x Singapore collaboration for Lah Lah Land Pop Up event. It was so interesting for us to explore the new Yesah Spring/Summer 2015 collection. This season's collection of appeal really stood out to us. The bright bold colors, neoprene fabrics, mesh detailing and the asymmetric cutting feel so dynamic and retro. It's a collection that will fit every girl with every body type. We felt like we playing a new character, it changes from our usual looks and we completely out of our comfort zone and that's what gets we the most excited. That's what creation about, exploring and trying new things. Special thanks to Jason Kyan the photographer, makeup artist Laine Wong and hairstylist Sun Khiew for helping us. We've been working with Jason for such a long time and it's amazing to see us working together and try new things out. Anyway, get ready for it!

It was a memorable experience for us. 
Hope you guys will love it as much as we do.


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