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Most of us enjoy shopping, especially those of us who consider fashion as a hobby. I spend a lot of time on online shopping, thanks to the internet we can shopping on smartphone and laptop. I always on the hunt for a quality basics and stylish items with affordable price. Finding something special for my wardrobe or culling the best items for my readers, I will spent a lot of time picking the best quality and affordable online shopping stores. To be honest, I only buying what I can afford, and what I'll really wear. The Vodelle online fashion store is what I found recently and I would love to share with you girls. The Vodelle site has a great selection of quality basics, stylish, elegant, and the best day-to-night pieces with affordable price. Good thing is they free do shipping worldwide!

I have picked three items from Vodelle; flower style off shoulder crop top, v-shape neckline plain dress and plain sleeveless skater dress. Keep scrolling down to see how I styled these pieces. 

Photography by Aun Chua

Check it out if you haven't; I promise you'll find something you love. 
Happy shopping at Vodelle.com!




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Photography by Eric Chow/Blink Studio
Styling by Jasmine Leong & Joan Kong
Art Direction by Beatrice Chan 
Makeup by Ling Chong
Hair by Albert Koh 

Not to be missed in Female Magazine July issue: a rainbow fashion spread featuring Duo Gigs. 
Thanks to Female Magazine for the 12 pages feature! 
Get yourself a copy and find out more. 




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Hi everyone, I always feel that weekend are the prefect time to post something more lifestyle. So, for those of you that have been following me Invisalign diary, here is another quick update. If you read my previous post here and here, you'll know that I'm happy with the results and that wearing Invisalign doesn't really bother me at all, except that have to take off the aligners for meals. Anyway, I already used to it and I have to say Invisalign have be a part of my lifestyle. I'm a busy person, and using Invisalign really fit right into my lifestyle. 

Last month I've been traveling like crazy. As I mentioned on my previous post, each aligner set is changed every two weeks. One of the best things about Invisalign not only they are transparent, actually you can changed the aligner set by yourself. If you're too busy and you can't make time back to clinic for Invisalign check up, you can request your dentist to get two more set of aligners and changed the aligner set by yourself for the next two weeks. It's very convenient. but still I will visit mydentist once a month, at least. 

Here are some pictures to update you on the progress of my Invisalign treatment. 

The original state of my teeth. 

I'm wearing the 10th set of aligner. 

Can you see the difference? It works wonder! The other day I looked in the mirror and realized that my bottom teeth were now almost straight. 

From friends I've heard nothing but positive comments about the changes. If you're interested about Invisalign treatment, feel free to visit mydentist located at Jalan Ipoh or call them at +603 6252 2011. 




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Hello, I'm writing this review to detail my experiences about Cinderella Peel to correct my skin issues. I did Cinderella Peel before at Rachel Chew Clinic, but that time I did is very mild and it just took few days to recover. You can read my review here. Due to acne, stress and working environment, not only I getting uncontrollable breakouts, but they would also not heal completely. The blemishes left areas of pink pigmented skin on my forehead. But I think one of the main reasons I getting breakouts is because I'm a frequent flyer. As you know, I traveled every month and air travel can cause my skin dehydration. So when I came back, I just make an appointment at Rachel Chew Clinic. 

Dr. Rachel suggested me to do the Cinderella Peel, but this time is the deep peeling treatment, which means is stronger than I did last time. The Cinderella Peel come in varying strengths and provide different levels of treatment. You have to consult doctor which Cinderella Peel is best for your skin type and needs. Cinderella peel is a treatment in an acid solution is used to remove the damaged outer layers of the skin and revealing a new skin layer with improved tone and skin texture. It is an effective treatment for blemishes and uneven skin pigmentation. 

Here's the pictures after I did the Deep Cinderella Peel. 
My face right after the treatment was red like an awkward sunburn.

I experienced the deep peeling treatment, I felt slightly uncomfortable but not pain at all. Anyone who decides on this procedure should be prepared for a long and slow recovery period. Aftercare is very important. I was advised by Dr. Rachel, don't use any cleanser or skincare products for a week. And also must apply sunscreen whenever exposed to sun, to remove sunscreen and face wash I just use the mild cleansing water. When I feel dehydration and slightly discomfortable, I applied aloe vera which you can find at any drugstore. Most importantly, do not pick any skin that flakes off!  

After two weeks, I am very pleased with the results. My blemishes is almost gone and it really improved my skin tone and skin texture. As you know, I did laser treatments before. After a series of Cinderella Peels followed with laser treatments, the stubborn scars finally faded. Thanks to Dr. Rachel, she was very professional and has very friendly staffs. If you are looking for a freshen up treatment before that big event or solve your blemishes and uneven skin pigmentation. This is a wonderful treatment for all skin types. 

Solaris Dutamas,
50480, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

03-28574455 / 03-62011000 / 019-6211399


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