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I have a chubby cheek and big jaws face shape and it's really annoying me sometimes. Though a round face shape looks cute and innocent, it can makes me look heavier than I am. All I'm trying to achieves is a slimmer jaw and chin line almost like V-shape face in stead of a square shape or chubby face. I've heard before that massage face or use those facial rollers and roll them along with your jaw lines it'll makes your face shape looks slimmer. I'm not sure if this works so I bought a roller and any other products that can slims down the face and I'm trying it out. It seem that no matter how hard I work out and massage, I still keep my chubby cheeks and big jaws. Maybe those products did helps to slim down my chubby cheek, but it can't slim my big jaws. 

I'm generally just a lazy person, I looking for a quick and easy ways to make my jawlines look thinner without eating healthy, doing face massage or going to the gym. I did some thinking about surgery is an option to slim down my jawlines, but it is a little too drastic option. I've heard that Botox can be injected on the jawlines to help to create a thinner-looking face. Is this true? I went to Rachel Chew clinic to consult with Dr Rachel. And yes! Facial slimming without surgery is here! How it works? Botox! As I explained in my earlier post, Botox have been proved to reduce the size of the masseter muscles. By placing botox into the masseter muscle can relax that muscle and magically create a slimmer face. There is no side effects if the botox is injected in the right muscle.  

Let's go back in time for a bit. Here are my old picture, as you can see my chubby cheeks, big jawlines. This aren't even the worst but I just couldn't bear to upload uglier ones in this post. 

I recently got botox done for the second time. Dr Rachel injected on my jawlines to reducing my square jaws. It took about few weeks after to see the result and here are my current picture. Apparently you can see now I have a more slimmer and sharper jawlines. 

If you have a face shape that looks too bigs at the jaws just like me, you can slim the jawline with a simple injection of Botox. It is an effective way to reduce big jaws and slim down your chubby cheeks. Feel free to arrange a consultation with Dr Rachel. 

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After such an intensive month, it feels so good to be writing back again. So happy I can finally share my travel diary of my amazing Europe trip. Berlin is definitely my happy place. There's so much happiness and creativity in the air. We were hanging out in town, visited major landmarks, doing a little grocery shopping and of course checking out the Premium exhibition. One of the best things in my Berlin trip is I got the chance to visited local fashion exhibition and trade show during fashion week. If you're willing to discover new, exclusive brands, then Premium and Sleek fashion exhibitions that's the place to be. 

Berlin was such an amazing city, as you might know it was my first time in Germany and I was definitely impressed and fascinated. What I found really interesting about Berlin is that their buildings are modern, avant-garde, and some building designs is a bit of nostalgia. The unique thing is, graffitis, art drawings are everywhere. You can see it at metro stations, tunnels, building walls, stairs, mail boxes and more. The fresh vibrancy can be felt everywhere: on the boulevards, in the art and flea markets. It's so refreshing to see a whole new culture. We visited Reichstag building, Berlin Cathedral, Altes Museum, Neues Museum, Reichstag Dome, Berlin Wall, Alexanderplatz, Kaiser Wilhelm Ged├Ąchtniskirche, Holocaust Memorial, and Mauepark. I must say, it's been the coolest experience to explore. 

The Brandenburg Gate is Berlin's most famous landmark. 

The Reichstag is one of Berlin's most historic landmarks. The building is located close to the Brandenburg Gate. And the highlight of the Reichstag is its striking glass dome. The interior was completely stripped and modernized. 

The Berlin Wall. 

Alexanderplatz was one of the busiest squares in Berlin. And the TV Tower is visible from almost anywhere in Berlin. Just like Malaysia KLCC Tower, you can see it anywhere in KL. Also, the TV Tover is one of the tallest structures in Europe. 

The Kaiser Wilhelm Ged├Ąchtniskirche is the damaged church tower and it's one of Berlin's most famous landmarks. The church is located on Breitscheidplatz, at the heart of Berlin's commercial center.  

The Holocaust Memorial, can be visited at anytime. I quite like the design is unique, there is no set pattern to the stones, so we can walk through the memorial in any direction and take pictures. 

We found this graffiti stairs at Mauerpark while we strolling the Mauerpark. I'm a huge fan of graffiti art and I'm glad that there's no people sitting on the stairs that allowed me to take nicer pictures. 

Berlin Cathedral is one of my favorite landmarks. One of the most beautiful church I ever seen so far.

Altes Museum. Messy hair don't care!

The Neues Museum is one of a cluster of museums on Berlin's Museum Island. The museum showcases much of the original collection, including the Egyptian and Papyrus collection and the prehistory and early history collections.

It's a very bad sign when it's snowing as we arrived Neues Museum. Talk about a first impression, snow is something romantic, clean and beautiful, and the snow falls over the place is another breathtaking views. In fact, when you experience few more times just like me, it's just really super duper annoying and freeze. Seriously, when there's this kind of weather outside, I prefer just snuggle under a blanket with tea. The Berlin Cathedral is very close to Neues Museum, so I can see another snowy views of the Berlin Cathedral.

One of the hardest thing during this journey was to be able to stay connected with friends and family. Thank god I always had Wiyo Wi-Fi pocket with me to be able to feel somehow in touch with everybody, although so far away from each other.

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as I enjoyed being there!


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