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Let me guess how often you wear your t-shirt? I'm pretty sure the answer is "A lot"! T-shirt are the basic of a versatile, wearable and stylish wardrobe. I received a few items from OSTRE Store, and this is my way how yo style their best-seller CHANNEL SEVEN T-shirt and CHANNEL Beanie. The first looks I style a pair of ultra-distressed jeans with Ostre CHANNEL SEVEN black T-shirt and statement accessories like CHANNEL beanie and Dr. Martens boots. Another white t-shirt I wanted to create a casual and cool girly looks, so I style with a silver versatile jacket, leather mini skirt and accessorizing with OS Accessories chocker necklace and Ann Demeulemeester ankle boots.

How do you think about these looks?
I hope you will love it!




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Now the video present some of the experiences we had in Singapore but the spots you'll find below is what you should really keep in mind! Okay, so here we go!

Videography by Jason Kyan

It's been a real blast to spend a couple of days at Singapore as we love the city so incredibly much. We have to say, the trip in Singapore changed something in our minds. It was a thrill to discover some trendy places in Singapore and take the time to explore. We stay at the PARKROYAL On Pickering Hotel on the Pickering Street, which by itself is already a real city. We could have spend days there without going out. They had it all: spa, infinity pool, bars, restaurants, a rooftop overviewing the city and awesome fitness centre! We have to say, the hotel infinity pool is probably one of our favorite places there. It decorated with a social large birdcage-shaped cabanas. In a relaxing and quiet environment, yet still not too far away from the city, enjoying the view of the Singapore street and some cocktail drinks everything are heavily spoiled us! 

We can't keep on thinking about how fabulous our little escape in Singapore was. We had our first meal at Kith Café which is located in Sentosa Cove. Kith Café is a laid-back cafe that serves a distinctive blend of Singaporean and Australian coffees. The food menu consists of home-cooked original recipes using select ingredients, carefully, sourced simple delicacies like freshly baked bread and pastries. We satisfied with our meals at Kith Café, we highly recommend you to try their brunch menu, we ordered the Pork Belly and Fried Eggs, Smoked Salmon Salad and Hot Chocolate Lava Cake. We have to say Kith Café never disappoint us. 

After a satisfied meal at Kith Café. We went to Tiong Bahru. Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest residential estates in Singapore. Like a hipster blackhole, Thiong Bahru has sucked up all the trendy cafe and people in Singapore and kept them there. There's the legendary bookstores and cafes, old haunts, charming estates and fancy new tenants vying for their place in hipster heaven. We strolled around the street and visited bookstores Book Actually and Woods in the Books. Tiny and confy bookstores has classic and new picture books, comics and graphic books. After then we have a coffee break at Plain Vanilla Bakery, it's a cupcake bakery, they have serve the best cupcakes in town. Grab a cupcake when you are visiting the area. 

In this trip, we explored a lot of extremely interesting areas such a Haji Lane. It was our first time ever visiting Haji Lane. We excited to experience that and see how it feels like. This tiny lane, hidden away in the heart of the Muslim quarter, is a fashionista's paradise. Here, you will find excellent vintage shops selling an array of contemporary, quirky garments and accessories as well as local boutiques by up-and-coming designers that have been refurbished in their own unique style. We ended up being so productive!

At night, we went to Clarke Quay, one of the best dining and entertainment destination in Singapore. If you guys are ever in Clarke Quay, it's an experience we highly suggest. You'll keep great memories of it. We met our Singaporean friend Brandon at Clarke Quay. One thing we love doing when we travel is ask them where to go or what are the cool places in the area. Clarke Quay is a colorful kaleidoscope of buildings housing antiques, restaurants, hip cafes, jazz clubs and more. It's destination perfect for friends and nightlife. The views, the foods, the ambience, everything is just incomparable. 

That morning when we woke up, we went to My Awesome Café which is located in the heart of Teluk Ayer Street, My Awesome Café is a great place where all friends come together for good food and great time. What really impressed us is he exterior of the cafe is actually hold the logo, Chun Hwa Free Clinic. That's really cool and interesting! We ordered My Awesome Salad and the Mixed Berries Crush. We loved the sandwich, the bread was soft and warm, yet crispy on the sides. Anything happier than starting your day off with a good and healthy breakfast?

After then, we finally reached the main shopping street of Singapore, Orchard Road. We met Linda Hao and she took us to explore her favorite spots in Orchard Road. That's what we talking about! We excited to explore more fashion stores that we don't know. The first stores we visit is PACT! PACT houses a hair salon, restaurant and retail store. PACT brings together a unique experience of a three-in-one location where consumers can have a complete makeover from PACT+LIM salon, shop K.I.N. products and then have a meal at Kilo Restaurant & Bar. It's a super cool multi concept space in Orchard Centre. We highly suggest you guys to discover PACT if you ever have the opportunity. The next Linda took us to visit SUPERSPACE Concept Store. The store carry loads of initiative designers including KTZ, Bas Kosters, Agi & Sam, and Singaporean brands including Yesah and Mash Up. Another super cool concept stores Linda brought us to is ACTUALLY. ACTUALLY is a concept fashion store that brings you contemporary designers and brands. ACTUALLY store staple brands comprises of Dr Denim, Lazy Oaf, Freitag, Fjallraven, Spitfire Sunglasses, New Balance and Underground England, just to name a few. We also can finds Singapore brands such as YESAH, Mae Pang and 20:twothree. Now you know all the cool fashion stores can be found in Orchard Road. 

Well, this is obviously a non exhaustive list, there are so many places we still want to try. But we think there are definitely some spots you guys simply need to look up and go to. You won't regret it. The best part about any trip is the time we get to explore the treasure spots of a city. There's nothing that makes us feel alive and excited than discovering something new, getting to know new people and a new culture better. We've cherish every single precious second of this trip. 

It seems like every time we come back, we discover something more and more about the culture and this vibrant city that is Singapore. 

Huge thanks to Singapore Tourism Board, BrandThink for this awesomeness Singapore trip. Special thanks to our friends Linda Hao and Brat Brandon for being our tour guide. 

Hope you guys enjoy the video!




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As many of you have already discovered throughout our pervious editorial shoots, we do have a close relationship with our most favorite photographer Jay Hau. We worked together with so many projects and shoots, and all of those beautiful photos from the past is took by him. Little story sharing here. One day, Jay, Kenji and I decided to plan a road trip for exploring some secret places to try out an editorial shoot. Is there anything more fantastic than a road trip and discover a beautiful secret places? Actually everything was last minute plan, but I wanted to show a different side of me and we found a place full of yellowish-green baldy grass. This place become one of my favorite secret places. I feel a strong sense of this place. Keep scrolling to see the stunning photos!

Photography by Lai Jay Hau
Photography assistance by Kenji Tam 

Tell me how you think about this editorial shoot? 




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If you're anything like us, we think you will fall in love with the Timberland Fall 2014 collection. You may have noticed we have worked with Timberland and we want to thank you to Timberland for having us as your Mark Makers. The whole experience with Timberland crews and Hypebeast team was so amazing and unforgettable. You guys can check it on Timberland website and find out what we all about and what fuels our passions, and of course how we style the Timberland 2014 collection.

 As you know, Timberland created the Classic Yellow Boots, a favorite of celebs and fashion insiders alike. Now, we just can't stop thinking of the Brookton Roll Top and Mosley Hiker, which we've had our eyes on for the past few weeks. They're good enough for you can walk in them all day and they definitely stylish and versatile for us. A huge thank you to Timberland for sending us these awesome items. We love it so much!

Photography by Lai Jay Hau
Photography assistance by Kenji Tam

Make these your next investment purchase and you'll want to wear these neutral ankle shoes everyday. 


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