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I find the dutch fashion couturier Iris Van Herpen's fashion interesting. I know her works not really made to be worn in real life or on the red carpet, but there is real invention in her work and I like it very much. Her works is amazing and she doesn't copy anyone. It is all about personal. It's very expensive to make and I don't know how she manages to get on, so I admire that. 

The Crystallization Water Dress by Iris Van Herpen is one of my favorite. Photographer Nick Knight captured the model, Daphne Guinness being splashed with black and clear water, then Iris Van Herpen used the imagery to produce a one-off haute couture piece that will resemble flowing water. From Iris Van Herpen's inspirations, techniques and aspirations, you can feel that her work is much more than just couture fashion but a series of artworks. 

"Water is always changing its shape, colors and reflection. It's something beautiful and uncontrollable."




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| H&M sleeveless trench coat | Zara tops | Zara skirts | Nike socks | FrontRow Shop leather chunky shoes

While our appreciation for leather jacket, bomber jacket and military parkas is undeniable here, there's another outerwear that has earned a special place in our heart. Trench coat continues to be an important part of our wardrobes, we can't denying the trench coat is one that has ultimate staying power. Whether styled over a polished dress or casual outfits, the trench coat lends a classic sophistication to any look. I adore trench coat! Too bad the tropical weather here don't really allow me to wear it, but this sleeveless trench coat from H&M was a very lucky find. We can still have the style without suffering from the sweat. It such a versatile and edgy piece and the black hue trench coat is almost as versatile as the classic beige. One of the best things about the trench coat is that you can really personalize how you wear it, you can left casually open, buttoned up, knotted or belted. There are a slew of chic styles to choose from too. I decided to threw a trench coat over a white top and tube skirt, and wearing Nike socks paired with chunky leather shoes for monochrome, sleek and perfect for stroll in the street. 




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I read an interview past few weeks ago, it was the Wall Street Journal with Catherine Bannett, senior vice president and managing director for IMG, which runs the Mercedes-Benz fashion weeks, announced that her company will introduce more intimate venues, which will effectively filter out anyone who's not "true fashion insiders", for example fashion bloggers. Oscar de la Renta, an early and vocal advocate of reducing the "fashion outsiders" of fashion week. What else? Designers and their PR teams are the ones who invite bloggers to the shows to begin with. So why they are ultimately unwilling to take responsibility for the "fashion bloggers inviting to the show"?  If you ask me how to define a fashion blogger? In my definition, fashion bloggers are a kind of species of fashionistas that dedicate our lives to our fashion blog. Fashion blog is like a place where we sharing the latest runway trend information, fashion editorials or pictures of what we wearing and considered fashionable
I believe the announcement is great news for backstage reporters and designers. "Fashion Week is supposed to be about the buyers, the sales!" say many designers. But those buyers who want to know what to know will actually sell before placing their orders could do worse than check out what's popular on Instagram. The fact is, industry like fashion, where historical sales data rarely results in consistently better commercial decisions, it seems that what buyers need most is a magical ball that helps them better gauge consumer demand to reach maximum profit and minimum loss. Well, bloggers and social media is the magical ball.

From what I saw is, bloggers are crucial part of the fashion ecosystem. Fashion writers, photographers and critics in fashion have just not much power compare with bloggers to generate consumer interest and drive sales. Sure, some fashion peacocks and Sartorialist wannabes can be irritating.  I don't like it too. But don't forget that, the real value fashion bloggers and street style photographers furiously tweet or "instagram" images of their looks, proclaiming this piece an absolute must-have, they represent and help translate fashion for a large portion of the buying public.

Again, if getting rid of some of the bloggers means that the newspaper and magazines of the world will once again be able to get more than three editors into a fashion show. But we all know this won’t be the case. Because if the bloggers don't get invited, why should the assistant of a fashion critic get a ticket, and why should a magazine's fashion team and features team even be there? They can just write their reports from pictures, right? If show organizers really want to change things they should be thinking much bigger thoughts than venue sizes and seating charts.

It is really makes me upset because majority of people including people works in fashion industry thought that fashion bloggers are one-of-a-kind dumbass in slutty poses wearing things they considered fashionable include the male form has not been unheard off, though in most cases people thought the specimen is gay. The fact is, bloggers - fashion's resident outsiders have bring a lot to bring to the table. 




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| Topshop check tube skirts | H&M biker jackets | Natsy Gal bustier | FrontRow leather chunky shoes |

Alright! Check, plaid, tartan, call it whatever you please. Tartan's proved that it's one of the most versatile and enduring patterns in fashion. Also one of the timeless pattern always makes a stylish appearance. No doubt, every girl has something tartan in her wardrobe, and I always on the lookout for fresh ways to wear this timeless pattern. There's just something about tartan prints that feels so right for fall, winter and gloomy day, here's the punk-inspired red tartan on an all black look that I wore after the rainy day. I styled the Topshop tartan tube skirt with a sexy black bustier and my trusty biker jacket, resulting in a mixed edge and punk element on the looks. Tartan made some punky waves, never go wrong with tartan and leather combination. I love seeing these punk staples elevated to sleek, chic and add a touch of rock 'n' roll with this black on red tartan looks. 


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