Hey guys! I can't believe how fast time went! It's been 10 months and this is my last blog post about my plastic surgery journey. As promised, I will do plastic surgery Q&A and show the final result of my rhinoplasty and fat graft surgery. So below are the common questions about plastic surgery I always get to ask: 

1.) Is plastic surgery painful?

Not really! One of the most common questions I get to ask after my Rhinoplasty and fat graft surgery is, “Is this going to hurt?”  Of course, this is a completely natural thought for most people as none of us like to experience pain. I have to say that for me, I don’t really feel any pain during the plastic surgery. Because reason behind this is that plastic surgery is done in excellent anesthesia care. All plastic surgeons in ID Hospital are well equipped and experienced. As I mentioned on my Part 2 video, I’m like took a quick nap inside the surgery room. But I do feel dizzy right after my surgery which is very normal. What I can say is every person’s body and pain tolerance is different. In general, most surgery has minimal discomfort. Make sure you have communicated your thoughts well with your surgery doctor.

2.) How long does it take to get over plastic surgery?

It took 2 weeks to remove the cast and stitches on my nose. Most of rhinoplasty and fat graft swelling subsides within 2 - 3 weeks, but full recovery can take 5 - 6 months. If you want to wear makeup, you’ll be presentable two weeks after your surgery. I start wearing makeup and back to my skincare routine on day 15. If you have bruises on your face, you can cover it with concealer. Other than that, everything is fine. 

3.) The do’s and can’t do’s during recovery period.

Okay, how can I get a fast recovery from plastic surgery? The best way to get the speediest recovery from surgery is to start  a healthy lifestyle. Quit smoking and alcohol. Smoking or drinking habit can delay the healing process, which increase risk for infection and poor scarring. If you’re a smoker or drinker, try to stop smoking and drinking alcohol for at least 30 days. 

Avoid all heavy activities after surgery that increases your heart rate and blood pressure for 2 weeks. But light activities such as walking are much recommended!

Do not blow your nose. I was told to avoid excessive blowing or sniffing of my nose. The nose tissues are extremely sensitive during the first three weeks after surgery and too much of this activity can irritate it further. And it’s normal to have nose dripping for a few weeks after surgery. After nose surgery, not only the outside but the inside of your nose is also swelling. If you find difficulty breathing with your nose then it’s ok to breathe with your mouth.

Avoid pressing your face, it will affect your fat graft and nose result. So I have to be careful of it. What I do is I use higher pillow to avoid pressing my face to the sides, the higher pillow your sleep the better. Pressing your face too hard may increase the absorption rate of the grafted fat, so it’s not recommended. As long as you be careful for a month then it should be fine J

Do take your meds!  Docfinderkorea team has prepared medications for me. These medications are used to control the pain and swelling, and to promote healing. I have to finish the medication. Even though wasn’t in much pain after surgery, but it helped me rest comfortably, and rest is key during early recovery.

Do drink plenty of water and get your fiber. Staying hydrated will help you feel better faster, flushing out the residual effects of anesthesia and helping your body deliver nutrients to heal the incisions. 

Docfinderkorea team prepared lots of pumpkin juice for me which is very good in reducing swelling during the recovery period. But don’t take too much. I was told to drink no more than 3 packets a day because more may lead to diarrhea. Haha. I’m glad I have a team like Docfinderkorea who takes care of me and gave me amazing medical advice and recovery tips. They arrange everything from consultation to recovery for me so I don’t have to worry about a single thing.

Do take good care of your incisions. Incision care is key! Not just to ensure that your scars heal and fade beautifully, but also to protect you from infection. Every morning and night I have to disinfect the incisions and antibiotic ointment to help the healing process.

If your incisions are covered with surgical tape just like me, don’t peel it off by yourself to take a peek. Leave it in place as long as possible; surgical tapes protect your scars from dirt, which can cause infection, and it also protects you from the stress of body movements.

Follow up appointments. It is important always have a follow-up appointment with your surgeon. Docfinderkorea team was so kind; they are with me all the time to follow up my appointments with ID Hospital to be sure my check up and recovery is going well. 

4.) What’s the best food to eat after rhinoplasty?

Do eat a balanced diet filled with nutritious. Remember to eat healthy food such as chicken broth, porridge, organic fruits and veggies. I was told do not chew so much when eating food because of my fat grafting. I know this may sound a bit odd but it can certainly help with the healing. And besides it’s not for forever, only temporary.Remember to avoid to eat salty, spicy or oily food for at least 2-4 weeks to help prevent unwanted swelling. Because salty, spicy and oily food promotes bloating. So avoid them if you want to deswell faster. I know it’s not easy. So no need to remove it altogether from your diet, just try to avoid it!

 Here are the Before and after photos:

Before and current photos:

I was so happy with my current nose shape. Very natural. This is exactly what I have always wanted. 

Thanks to ID Hospital, especially Docfinderkorea. Plastic surgery is a very big decision. And they help me to make the right one and treat me with respect and get the great results that I wanted to achieve. Before surgery there is certain thing that I want to clarify with my doctor, Docfinderkorea helped me discuss it with me during my consultation. Also they make sure to keep my appointment updated of my healing process and get a new nose shape that is healthy, natural and beautiful. If you have any questions about the Docfinderkorea, please do not hesitate to contact them.

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