The wait is finally over. In this post I will share the procedure of rhinoplastic and fat graft surgery, also my recovery dairy. I would like to thank Docfinderkorea and ID Hospital. This would not have happened without their help, especially Docfinderkorea. Docfinder team was with me from the beginning until the end to make sure I get what I wanted and help me to get answer for all my questions. If you missed my Part 1 video and blog post, just click the links right here: Part 1 blog post link and Part 1 video link

This is my face before plastic surgery. As I mentioned before. I used to injected filler from the past two years. Dr. Bang have injected hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler a day before the surgery day. As you can see, this is my original nose without the filler. 

So basically the surgery took about 3 - 4 hours. 2 hours for rhinoplasty and 2 hours for fat graft surgery. Before the surgery start, I went to the consultation room to do the final consultation with my surgery doctor, Dr. Bang. Dr. Bang is being so patient and professional, he listens to all of my concerns and explains to me the process of the rhinoplastic and fat graft surgery. 

Dr. Bang used a blue marker pen drew on my nose and face and explained how’s the surgery works. I feel more confident during consultation with Dr. Bang. 

Here we go... wish me luck!!

The most anxious moment is over. this is me a few hours after the surgery. To be honest, the surgery process wasn’t as terrible as what I thought it would be. I don’t remember how long it was and I felt like took a quick nap inside the surgery room. I don’t really feel any pain from my nose and face after the surgery, but I still feel very dizzy and groggy from the anesthesia

After surgery Docfinderkorea manager helped me to go back to my hotel. I was still kinda giddy so I'm thankful I don't have to walk back alone to my hotel. And then Docfinderkorea manager bought my medications for me, and and told me how to take them and everything I need to do to make sure my recovery went well. I couldn't imagine to do this by myself. Although it seems like an easy task, but after surgery it's not so easy to do all these by myself. So I'm happy I got Docfinderkorea to take care of me.

Chenelle did surgery too. Compare to Chenelle, my swollen was not that bad, because I just did the fat graft on my forehead and cheeks. But still you can see my forehead and cheeks is looking swollen. You know, this is my first time having surgery so I feel very nervous and uncomfortable because I couldn’t breath through my nose, because it was all pack up. I know it look gross and uncomfortable, for me the worst thing is I cant wash my face until the stitches is remove. 

Below are some pictures of me right after the surgery. 

At the first 3 days,  I’m still not used to it with my nose part, because I can’t breath though it.  The cotton have to put inside my nostrils for 1-2 days to prevent excess bleeding. As you can see my forehead, cheeks especially my nose is looking swollen. Looking from the side, you can see the silhouette is looking good. Anna from Docfinder team have told me that the first 2-3 days of surgery is the most swelling period. Honestly after the anesthetic gone, the pain wasn’t bad as what I thought it would be. Of course Docfinder is a very thoughtful team, they prepare everything you need and they can even run errands for you. They also will teach me some tips to reduce my swelling. 

On day 3 after surgery, I’m back to ID Hospital for check up and treatment with Chenelle. My face didn’t look much different from the first day, everything is good and I’m so happy that finally I can remove the cotton from my nose. I feel so much comfortable because I can breathe better after the cotton is removed. After that Dr. Bang will checking my nose to confirm if my nose splinter is well fitted. 

Day 4 - 6
I feel I’m getting used to it with bandage on my nose. The worst part is I can’t wash my face until the stitches and bandage is remove.For me, I don’t really feel affect to my usual lifestyle. But I need to take a good care of my wound, first i need higher pillow to avoid pressing my face to the sides. It will effect your face and nose end result so I was very careful. Next is every morning and night i have to disinfect the would and antibiotic ointment to help the healing process. During recovery period my appetite is not affected, but I have to avoid to eat salty, spicy or oily food for at least 2-4 weeks to help prevent unwanted swelling

Day 7
Finally I get the cast off, and removed stitches under my nose. I was so excited and nervous, because I can finally how I look after the surgery. And here is it! I’m so trilled with the results! Surprisingly there’s no obvious bruises on my nose! My nose is still swollen, Anna told me in about 1 month swelling will go down about 60%. Even so, it looks so amazing from the side and I cant believe I don't have hump anymore

Day 8 Photos

I am so excited and happy with my nose shape, the best part is I can start washing my face and wearing makeup! I just still need to be gentle around my face but now I'm free!

Here are the before and after photos.

Photos after a month.

After 3 months. 

I'm so happy with my current nose shape. It's so natural and the results is exactly what I wanted. Okay, that’s about it for Part 2. There’ll be a Part 3 upcoming video and blog post. I’ll be showing you more about my final result, Q&A, tips and what’s do and don’t after rhinoplastic and fat graft surgery. 

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