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Hi everyone! I’m going to share something interesting and personal with you guys today! I’m gonna tell you guys about my plastic surgery experience in Seoul! Yes! I did my very first rhinoplasty surgery in Seoul! I know must have a lot of questions about it. This post is all about my consultation day with ID Hospital and DocFinder Korea. 

But before I start, I would like to thanks Docfinder Korea. This Korea trip would not have happened without their help. As you know, there are so many medical agencies in Korea, but why did I choose Docfinder Korea? I have to say the main reason is because of Chenelle! 

To be honest, I don’t really trust the reviews on the internet. She did her plastic surgery last year at ID Hospital through DocFinder Korea. And she share with me her experience with Docfinder Korea and I saw her amazing results. So I told her that I wanted to do nose surgery, she told me that she want to go back ID Hospital again and she contacted Docfinder Korea and told them I’m coming along with her for surgery. And that’s how I got on this trip and I believe I made a right decision! 

Docfinder Korea is a medical tourism agency serve that provides medical services for patients by finding the best and suitable doctors and hospitals in Seoul. Do you know that just in Gangnam area there’s over 600 plastic surgery clinics. I know it sounds crazy and how am I ever going to find the best hospital? Docfinder Korea solved everything! From selecting the best hospital, arranging logistics, consultation and surgery! They was with me from the beginning until the end to make sure I get what I wanted, receive the right treatments and services, and also help me with the aftercare. Also, they gave me professional advice and explained a lot about surgery to me. They make sure I fully understand before I make any decision. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about plastic surgery with the help of Docfinder team. Everything they did made me feel safe and comfortable throughout my entire trip.  

Some people asking me about why I wanted to get plastic surgery? Believe me, I never know I will decide to get plastic surgery too! As you know, I did my nose filler for years, and it made me look more profile and attractive. Of course I’m happy with the result and I thought I will go for fillers like forever! 

But one thing about filler, there are limitations. Of course injected filler will enhance you nose shape, but not the size of my nostrils. Only surgery can reduce it. Also, filler is not permanent. Typically last approximately 6-12 months. Honestly I’m tired of top up of filler when it started to wear off. 

Another thing is, if injected too much, it’ll make my nose look broad because when the filler melts, it melts to the side and my nose looked wider. I think these reasons is enough for me to took a plunge for plastic surgery. 

ID Hospital is one of the top famous plastic surgery hospital in Korea. I know about ID Hospital is because of the plastic surgery TV show “LET ME IN”. There are many successful cases from ID Hospital, as they are one of the top plastic surgery hospital in Korea. 

They have more than 30 medical specialists in hospital, and their are famous in V-Line Jaw Reduction Surgery. 

I love the cosy environment and friendly staff and it made me feel very relaxed! It doesn’t look like hospital at all!

Before my rhinoplasty consultation with my doctor, the first thing to do is a x-ray scan. After that I was ushered to the photo room to take my before and after photo. 

Before meeting my doctor, I have a pre consultation with ID consultant to discuss about my ideal nose shape and which area I want to do my fat graft surgery. Before that, I have no idea what fat graft means until the ID manager suggested that I need some fat on my forehead and cheeks. I have sunken forehead and my cheeks is starting to sag! So I decided to give a try! I wasn’t worried communicating with them at all because ID Hospital and Docfinder Korea will provide translator during the consultation. They can speak in English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian and many other languages. Sometime when I don't understand certain things, my Docfinderkorea manager, Anna, will take time to explain it to me to make sure I understand. 

I met with the rhinoplasty doctor. Dr. Chi Young Bang. He is one of the best and experienced doctor in ID Hospital. I told him about my concerns and what I want to do on my nose. Dr.Bang was being so patient in answering all my questions. He even drew the process in detail of what he’s going to do on my nose, so that I get a thorough understanding of the process. Dr.Bang suggested to have silicone implant to increase my bridge height, define my nose tip and also decrease the overall width of my nostril. I also told him about my sunken forehead and my under eyes area because they are starting to sag. He suggested me to transfer fats from my thigh to my forehead and cheeks so that my face will look more refreshing. Even though I’m a little skinny. There’s not much fats but he can still take fat from my thighs.

After the consultation session. ID Hospital arranged my operation for the next day and the translator briefed me about the do’s and don’ts before the operation. So that’s all for my consultation day! The next blog post, I’ll be showing you my rhinoplasty and fat graft surgery procedure. Don’t forget to check out my video here!

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Stay tuned!

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