Ever since my return from Paris, I've been battling the holiday blues and dreaming of the next place to escape to, away from the hustle and bustle of this city. As my usual routine, I scoured the net for the best and lowest deals on hotel and flight but simply found none. That is until I stumbled upon probably one of the best travel-on-a-budget-friendly discoveries on the net by far - Over the years, Traveloka has grown to be Indonesia's largest and leading flight/hotel booking platforms, rivaling veterans in the traveling industry such as Air Asia, Malindo and even Agoda. It's no surprise though because when I was recommended Traveloka, I was blown away by their flexibility in choices as they carry various airlines and hotels under one roof. And not only that, they've even simplified usage with the Traveloka App

Let me talk about the Traveloka App. One thing that really caught my attention with Traveloka App is how they've really embraced the ultra-modern, fast-paced, jet-setting lifestyle that a lot of us have become accustomed to. I mean if they aren't already heaven-sent angles with their insane budgeted deals, they've made life so much easier for busy people like me who are always on the go. As I'm rarely home, my phone is basically my mini-laptop lifeline and with an app like that, I could be on a train or in an Uber to work and have my flights and hotels booked. Talk about multitasking! It's literally search, click, pay, and you're all set to go. Let me show you!

Key in when and where you want to go, and who you want to bring along *wink wink*.

This is my favorite part - the Sort and Filter feature. I can tailor my search results to cut down on time according to which airlines, departure times and even how many transits I'll be down for. Just when I thought this deal could not have been sweeter, the prices displayed are final! So, say bye to doing mental math on what the estimated final prices with tax and such will be. 

Continue with payment and you're good to go!

Was that easy or what?

Besides Traveloka App, they've also got TravelokaQuick, which is an app-only feature. Designed for the frequent flier (or lazy person like me), this app saves your credit card details in advance so when it comes to payment, you're only a one-tap transaction away from your destination. Now I don't have to fumble around my handbag for my cards and key in my numbers one by one!

Don't miss out on this Traveloka's latest promo - as rare as the leap year - "Once in a Leap Year!" You get 10% off all airlines at Traveloka for all travel dates. As compared to direct airlines like Air Asia, Malindo etc that often offered limited traveling period, Traveloka is no limit. So book quick by 1 March 2016 and travel ANYTIME! 

So if you're like me and are completely sold on how user-friendly and simple Traveloka has made booking holidays, then check them out on If you're veering more towards mobile-friendly bookings, then download Traveloka App or Traveloka Quick on Google Play Store or App Store. Once you've got your app on, you can start planning away. For me, I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of a beach... 



  1. I'm Indonesian, and Traveloka is the only app I adore. I even get cheaper price on app than on traveloka website. Easy navigation too! Very good :)

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