If you simply want some comfortable footwear, today I have a new adorable footwear brand to share with you, the brand is called LeBunny Bleu, such an adorable name! I'm pretty sure some of you girls heard about LeBunny Bleu, it's a delightful footwear brand that blends New York's cool with European chic twist. LeBunny Bleu makes a foray into Malaysia and unveils an exciting new collection that boasts of more than 100 striking designs. 

Little introduce about LeBunny Bleu. Founded in April 2009 in New York, the company's missions is to develop a collection of 'flats' through the creation of hundreds of new styles reach season that are unique, adorable and unforgettable. So vast are designs that LeBunny fans will be spoilt for choices for every occasion and season. With over 100 worldwide LeBunny Bleu stores and partnership with department stores, franchise and distribution partners, LeBunny Bleu is currently operating in several countries including Malaysia, the US,UK,Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea, Germany and Taiwan. The LeBunny Bleu mascot, the adorable and unforgettable bunny rabbit, is all about a unique thinking. It tells of the desire to be free and go through life with a specific determination, to be both charming and fascinating, and to be able to move with a devotion that always gets you where and what you want. These shoes are truly meant for the passionate girl.

If you love to live in flats, LeBunny Bleu has a fabulously wide range of products from classic to avant-garde which include: Oxfords, Slip-ons, Loafers, Espadrilles, Ballet Flats, Scandals, Rain & Wool Boots and Fashion Sneakers.  For totally casual-chic and laid-back style, invest in a pair of comfortable flats. The versatile and stylish flats are the perfect essential to add to your wardrobe. 

Since a pair of ballet flats will always be the perfect complement to a casual and relaxed look. I've culled some of my favorite ballet flats from LeBunny Bleu. A pair of timeless leather ballet flats are some chic flat footwear ideas for every occasion. Sometimes flats are just a little more fun. 

I got a pair of scandals at LeBunny Blue, The Gardens Mall store. I felt in love with these silver and black scandals in first slight. It's a versatile scandals you can paired with a cute socks.

To folic in your own collection of LeBunny Bleu footwear, hop in at 1 Utama Shopping Centre FK105 First Floor and The Gardens Mall S226-E. 

Find out more on LeBunny Bleu Facebook Page. 


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