I'm going to share with you my study experience in British Council. As many of you may know, I started study English at British Council few months ago to improve my English and everything is going so well. The first time I attended the class I thought it will be in a solemn atmosphere, but surprisingly the classes were not boring and the way lecturers teaching is quite fun and easy to memorize. There's a lot different ways to learn English, some lecturers like to make games with us to learn more vocabularies and other will do the acting role to practice our communications and pronunciations. 

As a blogger, I have busy schedule to attend events, meeting and photoshoot. British Council offered a new part time classes called myClass. It is a new English learning program designed to add more flexibility and choice to your studies. You can plan your studies by choosing day and time or teacher. The best part about myClass is you can book classes from your computer, smartphone or tablet. Also, you can always book or cancel your class within 24 hours when you suddenly can't make it to class. What I most like about myClass is you can choose lesson to learn exactly what you want to and suite your interests. They have provides a variety topics ranging from work, social to everyday lessons. 

So the first class I choose trough myClass is "Gathering and presenting information". In this lesson, I learned to gave a spoken of something I have read and listened from newspaper. Basically study includes grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking. It really improve my confidence in speaking English and I have learned a lot of useful phrases and communication skills. In my experience one of best part to learn English in class is get a conversation with friends and speak English only. I felt a little bit shy speaking in English with other student at first, but continue to do it and it become more natural. Also, I'm happy that made new friends in class. We discussed questions and shared our opinions to each other.

Ms. Hannah is one of my favorite lecturers. She have the patience to teach and she always explaining so well on things that we don't understand.

She will correct my pronunciations and improve me to speak more fluently English. 

Studying English at British Council has helped me find a good way to learn and practice English. I'm sure that I have learned a lot useful vocabularies, communications and improved my listening skills. It has given me so much confidence, satisfaction and pleasure. 

For more information about British Council's myClass, go to britishcouncil.my/myclass.


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