I was spending some quality time to replying loads of emails, finalizing all details for our upcoming projects. There were actually quite a lot things going on these past weeks and we got many pictures to show you. Most of the time I feel like such of lazy blogger, but I have read all your comments and you can't imagine how great it feels to have so much supports. It means a lot to us! So, back to the tittle, I still can't believe that I haven't showed you guys the interviews we did last month, some of our readers was kind enough to sent it to us. First, Duo Gigs interview for Gumball Magazine got published online a week ago, you can read it by clicking here. The interview question were different from any other interviews so they were fun. Thank you Kevin and Miranda for your kind words. xx

Also, we were featured in another magazine that's published on August issue. You know what I'm saying, it's IFEEL Magazine! We have the pleasure to be feature in fashion blogger issue for long term. I can't be more happy and grateful to share a part of our life, styling tips and fashion knowledge with all of you in Chinese. For those those of you guys who don't understand Chinese, maybe just check out those pictures on magazine. 

Oh and one more! I did an interview for Love My Custom website. I bet you guys have seem I posted the Duo Gigs custom earrings on my Instagram, it's made by Love My Custom and design by me. It's really fun to customize your own acrylic jewelry. Thank you Nicky for invited me to participate Love My Custom Design Spotlight project. I enjoy it and love my one and only custom earrings all the way from London. You can check my interview, designs and LMC Design Studio by clicking here

It was so nice to meet all those amazing peoples and to be able to work with them.
More to come....


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