Taking care of our hair is one important routine for us. It's not only the kind of hairstyle we have that makes us look attractive, having beautiful and healthy hair gives us an extra look of health and radiance. As a workaholic, we lead such hectic lives, constantly putting up stress and physical exhaustion. This causing hair scalp problems. It's unfair but true, you hair is just as stressed as you are. Continually high stress levels may even cause hair loss. When a bad hair day happened, one of our solutions is give our hairs a rest, don't schedule too many demanding treats on hair and scalp. Everyone knows the heath of your scalp will affect the quality of your hair. Too many sebum causes an oily scalp and making your hair greasy and flat, while blocked hair follicles will affect the growth of new hair. 

So what's important when it comes to scalp care? Our hairs being just as important as our skins and a hair spa treatment to pamper our scalps just as necessary for beautiful hairs. As a blogger, getting ready for events, date night can be stressful. So checking in at a hair spa to pamper our scalps is the most effective method. It's a pleasure we were invited to experiences the exclusive L'oréal Professionnel Hair Spa at Miko Galère, Nu Sentral.

The Miko Galère hairdresser will analyses your scalp and hair condition, as different conditions require different care. There's two separate treatments for your hair and scalp. Scalp Detoxifying is a detox and cleansing treatment suitable for stressed scalp and hair to get intensive hydration. It's inspired by skincare, Hair Spa's detoxifying 4-step routine frees scalp and hair from impurities with massage to bring your hair back in balance. Deep Nourishing is an intensive moisturizing treatment suitable for dry hair. 

It's only need just an hour to pamper your scalp and hair with L'oréal Professionnel Hair Spa. First step is applying Detoxifying Clay Tube on all sections of the scalp and massage the entire head to relax the scalp. The is the most relaxing steps and also the feel-good fix for stressed scalp and hair.

We recommended the stat product, Detoxifying Scalp Clay. It's only have to top up RM30 service price for an extra step. It help to deep cleanse, absorb the excess oils and perspirations to achieve a fresh and relaxed scalp.

Step two is using Detoxifying Shampoo to cleanse hair and follow with Detoxifying Conditioner.

Step three, applying Detoxifying Hair Mask and massage the scalp. Use tower to wrap your hair and leave for 10 minutes.

Final step, after washing the mask off, address you biggest concern you can choose applying the Purifying Concentrate or Hydration Concentrate to prefect your hair and scalp.

That's it! After Hair Spa treatment we got beautiful, shinny and healthy hairs! Shinny and smooth hair is one of the signs of healthy hair, and we can felt our scalps is fresh and clean. It makes us feel so good and confidents. 

Thanks to L'oréal Professionnel and Miko Galère for the pampering session. The Hair Spa treatment is available any L'oréal Professionnel salon, head to your nearest salon to experience the Hair Spa treatment. 



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