People say the eyes are the windows to the soul, I totally agreed with that. Nothing frustrate me more than tear troughs and under-eye bags. Under-eye bags and deep tear troughs makes me look more tired and older that I'm really are. Even I used the best concealer to cover up, sometimes eye bags and dark circles won't just disappear. As mush as I love makeup, covering up the problem doesn't exactly help to get rid of it. Eye bags and tear troughs are a natural effect of aging, but it also can be caused by lack of sleep, allergies and habits. My tear troughs were caused by a bad genes and lifestyle. For genetics, I had my father to blame for that. Trust me! I did sleep early and used quite a lot expensive eye creamsbut it doesn't help much. I'm pretty sure some of you have a same eye bags problem just like me. 

Then I heard about a tear trough treatment which ensure not only make tear troughs, eye bags and dark circles disappear, but to do so in just 10 minutes. Yes! I'm talking about filler treatment. Tear troughs treatment is a procedure that helps to fill in shadows and depressions to create a more rejuvenated looks to the lower eyelids and cheeks. I am convinced that Juvederm is one of the best dermal fillers for treating tear troughs. It's has a very natural and good safety profile and does not spread around the eyes. Also, Juvederm can often last 6-12 months in the tear trough region. 

Tear trough filler treatment require a significant amount of skill and judgment. It is important you want to be sure to go someone very experienced before getting injections in this region and Dr. Rachel is one of the most experienced injectors I know. 

This procedure, it needs to be injected deep onto the bone of the under-eye area, plumping up hallows and blending into the cheekbones. Dr. Rachel explained that I might feel a slight pinch as the needle went in but it would only last few second. Surprisingly, injections under eyes are not painful. There is less swelling, less discomfort and mild bruising is common after filler treatment, but typically will recovering within a week. 

After the tear trough filler treatment, I was impressed with an instant result! My tear troughs and eye bags had virtually vanished! Without my tear troughs and eye bags I look more younger and confident and most importantly I have no need any editing on my tear troughs and eye bags. I'm so happy about it and I wouldn't hesitate to have the treatment again. 

For those who are interested, consultation is free and here are the detail for Skin Art Clinic. 
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