We know that keeping body sleek and hairless is not an easy task. But you may not know the Brazilian waxes is grew increasingly popular in everywhere. Every girl was interested in achieving a perfect bikini line or sleek and hairless V part, and Brazilian wax is the depilation of all hair from your most intimate V part. Removal of unwanted hair has become an essential grooming routine. So why would we want to go for Brazilian wax? The main reasons is about hygiene, without the hair, it would be cleaner especially during menstruation. Another reasons is easier to wear bikini and swimsuits. Imagine that if having hair peep out from your bikini line is not pleasant. Today's topic is about our first experiences of Brazilian wax treatment at Strip.

Before we start sharing our first experience of Brazilian wax, little quick intro about Strip. Strip is a global hair removal salon that thrives in 9 cities including Kuala Lumpur, with 35 stores delivering high quality treatments and after-care products. They are famous for their secret recipe lotions and wax formulations. Strip was the first salon to introduce the "No Double Dipping" commandment. They do not double dip the spatulas and each spatulas is only used once and then thrown. Waxperts from Strip are fully trained. We experienced their waxing techniques was less painful and less embarrass, also in a record-breaking less than 30 minutes. Most importantly they strictly abide by a HSQ mantra: Hygiene, Speed and Quality! 

This is our first time having Brazilian wax and we are doing it in separate room. Strip's waxpert will grab you a personal hygiene pack and lead you to your treatment room. In the room, we were told to remove our underwear and wipe ourselves with a towelette, then we slept onto the bed covered with a towels and waiting the waxpert. We felt nervous because we are baring it all! When the waxpert came in, the Brazilian wax treatment is start. The wax we used is a Chocolate Berry hard wax, the scent is really good and it is super efficient in removing even the shortest and stubborn hair. Also it's more gentle and less painful for first trier. The waxpert dip a wooden spatulas into a pot of hot wax and then spread it onto your hair and skin. Then apply a cloth strip over the wax and pull the strip off. As we said, "No Double Dipping" the wooden spatulas! We paid attention on it. The waxpert will applying some cooling antiseptic on the raw spot which is helps kill the pain and after everything done they will spread soothing lotions over the waxed areas to cooling down. Redness is normal and it will fade. The whole procedure took about 15 minutes only for a full Brazilian wax. The best waxpert are fast, which means less discomfort for you. 

After the wax treatment we came out from the treatment room and we sharing our thoughts to each other, we honestly thought it would be so painful; and we have fear of doing it but turned out to be much less painful than we initially thought. No pain, no gain. We experienced that and trust us! The waxpert do try to make us feel as comfortable as we can. The first time hurts the most but it's bearable, the more you do, the less painful it becomes. Typically, need to wax every 2 to 4 weeks and having Brazilian wax become our personal grooming exercise. We would do it again because we have tried and have great reviews about it. 

If you are interested in Brazilian wax at Strip, there are 6 outlets in Malaysia; KLCC, Bangsar, Solaris Dutamas, Sunway Pyramid, The Curve and Penang Gurney Paragon Mall and also in other countries. 

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