Hello there, it's 2014! New year, new chances. We all do have the resolutions for 2014. Frankly to tell, that's too boring to tell you guys about our resolutions for 2014, because it seem like almost the same. In this post, it is all about my new years style resolution for 2014. 

The first and the only thing I would definitely like to stick with is wear less black! Yes, Evangeline Yan is going to wear less black. My goal of 2014 is to give other colors a chance to be my new black. Even if it is something very close to black, like dark blue, navy, or gray. You guys clearly know by now that super bold colors are not close to me, in fact they are like strangers to me, but whites, grays are really a thing desaturated will do. Let's see how far and how good I can rock with other colors. Stay tuned! 

Second thing for my new year style resolution is be bloder, be bolder and be bolder! I would definitely like to invest in more exciting pieces and doing my best to skip the basic. Susie Bubble, Anna Dello Russo, Isabella Blow, MiraDuma, all of them has very strong styles in their looks. I have enough wardrobe staples and it is time to go a bit bolder. I want to and I will add on unexpected item to my everyday look, or off-duty-look. Add something fun that could even make a pair of washed black ripped jeans and a plain white t-shirt look different.

Mira Duma, Anna Dello Russo, and Susie Bubble.

The latest handmade leather shoes from Joe Chia definitely is a good pieces to help to make your outfits more bolder. I'm pretty impressed. 

Buy less and choose well. Let me be honest with you all, I have a strong and bad habit of doubting about every single dollar I spend on clothes, I'm not that kind of kids born from rich family background, so I can't buy any iconic pieces I like. And I'm not that kind of person who like to buy what's really on the trend neither. I rarely ever buy things the first time I see them or try them on and this is both a good and a bad. The good part is it saves me from spending way too much. The bad part is I keep missing out on things that end up really wanting after all. I wouldn't say I should buy all of them immediately, but at least try to decide before it's gone.

Giving myself a chance to try one of the Joe Chia's iconic coat.

Every morning I use the very same products to paint the exact same face. The same hot red lips, the same cat eyes liner, the same eyebrows shape and the same blush cheek color. It is time to switch things up a little and give a chance to myself to try something new more often. Maybe super hot red gloss on my eyes? Super bold eyebrows? A winged liner? Adding something different at least once a month could be a good start. Okay, now it's your turn. Tell me, what are your new years style resolution?

Evangeline Yan



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