There's an amazing exhibition that you don't want to miss. We're talking about Chuan Looi first solo exhibition "LID & LET LIVE". If you weren't already tempted, we have a preview of what to expect. Chuan Looi is a fashion photographer and director based in Kuala Lumpur. He works with several prestigious local and international fashion magazines and celebrities, numerous fashion campaigns of the likes of Dior, Louis Vuitton and Bally to name a few. Also, he owns a studio named Yipieyaya. Come to this January, he debuts his first ever solo exhibition entitled "LID & LET LIVE" at Avenue K. 

On opening night, the crowd was abuzz with luminaries from all conners of the fashion world, including celebrities, models, editors, fashion designers and more. All guest who attended the event will took a solo polaroids and hang on the wall. We are trilled being a part of "LID & LET LIVE" exhibition. Over 50 black and white photographs feature top regional fashion models and celebrity collaborations. Each pictures effortlessly captures it's personality and revealing their subconscious self, the photographer is like a visual hunter, luring and capturing every instinct at any instant. The idea behind this projects was to observe the subtle imperfections of stereotypes. 

Before we continue our visual journey, there's a audio booth is quite interesting to try. Just go inside the booth, close your eyes and open up your audio sense and immerse yourself in an audio sensorial experiences. The booth will capturing six pictures during the process. All of my pictures came up I'm looks calm, I always remains cool and calm in a crisis. 

We have to say, those amazing photographs are totally taking our breath.

Our favorite corner, spotted our portrait with Jane and Brandon Ong.

Spotted another beautiful portrait of us. Thanks you Chuan Looi brought out another side of us. All of these beautiful portrait people are closing their eyes. The concept is about open your inner eyes, look at the inner side of you and you will find out something really different.  

Again, spotted the Duo Gigs polaroids on the wall. 

 Another polaroids with one of our portraits. Thanks to Chuan Looi for the opportunity, it's really happy for us to being part of your exhibition. Also, thank you Sun Khiew and Laine Wong for the glamorous Styling and beautiful Makeup. 

"LID & LET LIVE" exhibition is something to the local fashion people for all the creative input. This is a must go exhibition, you don't want to missed if you are into fashion, art and photography. 
"LID & LET LIVE" exhibition runs at Avenue K, Level 1. 
Open till 26th January 2014. It's free admission. 


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