Everyone knows that I love reading, especially fashion magazines. There is no doubt Vogue magazine is one of fashionista's fashion bible. There's Vogue Germany, Vogue Japan, Vogue India, Vogue Korea and of course American Vogue and Vogue Paris. Recently, one of my german friend coming to Kuala Lumpur from France with a copy of the December/January issue of Vogue Paris. It is my real first time to read the Vogue Paris and I was like a kid so exciting to read it and ripped the plastic cover off. I opened it up, started flipping quickly through, searching for the Victoria Beckham spread. Upon finding it, I realized that I couldn't read the article. Of course I couldn't read the article because it was all in french and obviously my extensive knowledge of English didn't help at all. Back to the Vogue magazine, each division is a product of it's editor and it's target audiences. And this time I want to compare the two most arguably acclaimed Vogue publications which are American Vogue and Vogue Paris. 

Let's start from the most obvious part. The differences between the two is showing in the magazine's cover. Did a little research to support my words, I found that nice out of ten times, Vogue Paris will feature a supermodel, the interesting part is the cover star's face will be zoomed in. The December 2013/January 2014 issue is not featuring a supermodel but a superstar Victoria Beckham, but the way they present the cover is the same. Just as often, American Vogue will feature at least a 3/4 body shot of a Hollywood celebrity. Try to pay more attention on it, you will find out that American Vogue always featuring Hollywood celebrity promoting her new film, for example the January issue is featuring Cate Blanchett with sharing her brilliant performance in Blue Jasmine. 

Another differences between the two is their "VOGUE" on the cover. Vogue Paris always showing the "VOGUE" in front of the cover star and American's "VOGUE" always hidden behind the Hollywood stars.

Never forget to make a decision to do a quick geeky page and advertorial count. Counted up 282 pages in Vogue Paris and 142 pages in American Vogue. The advertorials part, American Vogue is stacks up at 47 pages of ads which is weighing in at 32% of ads. Vogue Paris is stacks up at 113 pages of ads which is weighing in at 39% of ads. 

Paging through the magazines, there is no surprise how different between the Vogue Paris and American Vogue. To be frankly honest, I prefer the Vogue Paris much better. I am not saying that the Editor in Chief of American Vogue, Anna Wintour failed me. Instead, I find the Vogue Paris much more refreshing. You will see that Vogue Paris is more focusing on art. It features high fashion and partial nudity. American Vogue is mainstream, is very Michael Kors ad. All about the red carpet, shiny blondes, Hollywood celebrities and I called it "mainstream-glamorous". 
American Vogue's beauty issue.

Vogue Paris's beauty issue. 

So what about their beauty issue? I found that the way that American Vogue present is like showing you the hit beauty products list of 2014 together with cosmetics ads. I definitely like the way that Vogue Paris present the beauty tips and products. It's not only with the creative and beautiful pictures, also gave us very specific articles. (Too bad I couldn't read French!)

Vogue Paris also sharing the recipe. It's not only the true fashion, its all about the lifestyles. 

Is that pretty obvious that I prefer the Vogue Paris version more than the American one? I feel that, for one, the photography part from Vogue Paris is more exotic and interesting than the American Vogue. Maybe there is more of a variety in photographers in the Vogue Paris. In the American Vogue, a lot of projects are done by those mainstream and high reputation photographers like Peter Lindbergh, Norma Jean Roy, Anna Leibovitz, and others. The way presenting the appearances of the models between the two magazines also not the same. The models in Vogue Paris weren't flawless and not screened for the typical image of beauty.

The models in Vogue Paris are much edgier and had raw look. The articles and photoshoots focused on true fashion. You will also find that Vogue Paris concentrates on Haute Coutures and luxury coutures which means their pieces are more exclusive than the American Vogue.

The models in American Vogue are glamorous and extremely beautiful and it is more concentrates on affordable luxury brands. It's about glamorous lifestyles, fashion and mass appeal. 

Needless to say, both magazines are exquisite in their knowledges and photography. But if you are looking for a pure substance of edge fashion, glamorous lifestyles and beauty tips, I would highly recommend Vogue magazine, no matter it's from Paris or India. I can still absorb a lot of brilliant tips and updating the latest amazing designers clothes and pieces from the fashion bibles. 

Evangeline Yan


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