Fashion Confusion

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Every year we hope that we grow in same way.When December comes, it might be a good time to look back and analyze our personal growth for the year. Old or young, peace or wild, we are still learning about life and that's pretty true the more open minded we were about this, the better the life we plan for ourselves. Finally, this is it! Decembers are means planning for new year. TEN resolutions, I already have an idea of what I want to look like. Do you?

Most of my resolutions are related to fashion. Fashion is like part of my body and I just can't getting rid of it. I need the latest fashion information and trends every day. There are like a meal for giving spirit. Okay, I think it's time to cut down the crappy talk here. In this post, I would like to talk about the confusion between plagiarism and inspiration. Let me get serious about this, we have to admit the fact that the fashion world does have a gray zone in which we can find those who inspire as opposed to those who imitate. But sadly to think about it, I really can't tell them apart, not even you. Because back to the fashion plagiarism cases such as, Jessica Simpson ripped off other designer's work; Kanye West says Hedi Slimane copied his work; Jeremy Scott accused of plagiarizing work of Santa Cruz Skateboards and blah blah blah. The list of plagiarism battles and fashion industry is like never end. I still vividly remember the battle between Christian Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent court saga over red sole shoes. And watching the legal fight between Gucci and Guess over the "G" trademark left a deep unfavorable impression on me. 

Gucci and Guess "G" trademark. 

Jeremy Scott rips off Santa Cruz Skateboards

So here is the question, should Christian Louboutin's red sole be made for exclusive use on his own soles? Tiffany & Co should consider to protect their "Tiffany Blue"? In my mind, plagiarism is obviously a touchy subject everywhere. It's a sad but true fact that original is getting lesser and lesser, so copies do occur on the high street. Speaking of high street, don't forget commercial high street fashion stories like Forever 21, Zara, Topshop and H&M. These fashion stores seem to get away with ripping off the high end designer's label. You will see clothes that are copies of what you've seen at fashion weeks. You see, Topshop has copied like 100 times and been sued like 50 times. But, they're never lost. How could that be possible? 
Zara and Givenchy

Topshop and Kenzo

Okay, I got it! I know it sounds good that we could purchase the high end couture that can't be afforded or really "worn" by the general public with a reasonable price. But try to think, fast fashion stores doing in this way is directly threat to sales of the designer's labels. Common sense, 3000 bucks designer label's dress is not in competition with only 30 bucks dress which are having almost the same designs and prints. It's truth that pretty hard to say "NO" to those affordable iconic pieces, but we can still do something for it. We need to make it balance. The way I do is I see these iconic pieces like Roger Vivier, Givenchy, Balenciaga, Chanel as a sense of achievement when I can afford a timeless piece like that. I'm still purchase something basic and beautiful from those high street fashion stores, just never go for the iconic designer pieces. 

Maybe the way I do can't really help a lot to the fashion industry, but at least I think I'm doing the right thing to prevent those plagiarism actions happening over and over again. Every piece of the work and design are come with sweat, blood, tear and brain cells. We should have more appreciation for originality and creativity to respect other's works. Now, what's about the inspiration? This is too obvious that inspiration and plagiarism are separated with a blurred line. To be honest, it's rare to see something new and fresh. Designer refer to another one, make some change here and there and VOILA! This kind of situation explaining that plagiarism and inspiration are working friendly in the fashion industry. Perhaps they think this is helping them to stay alive? Perhaps like some of my designer friends says, "Who doesn't love to be the source of inspiration"? What an optimist! People copy your works means a free promotional campaign for them, because it has actually helped them to catch people's attentions. Think the best scenario, sooner people would be curious enough to find the original piece.  

Overall, the confusion between plagiarism and inspiration still don't have a clear line to separate. but once thing for those talented designers to make it clear is, please do not follow people's lead. You are the one leading the way, doing things beautifully and with creativity, you will always be one step ahead of those who can only copy. 

Evangeline Yan


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