Who doesn't love shopping? Well this question is not only for girls, ladies and women. Shopping acts as distressing activity for us. I'm saying this from my personal experience. If I'm feeling down, my day has been dull, shopping can brighten up my day with all those colorful apparels, shoes and accessories. Big thanks to internet, it has radically changed the way we shop now days. More and more people these days prefer online shopping over conventional shopping. Not only for the youngsters, my parents are prefer to online shopping too!

Everybody knows I'm pretty good at online shopping. Here are my little tips when you are buying from online stores. First thing you need to do is make sure that you check out does the online stores value your privacy? Are they reputed in business with great reviews? Do they have refund policy? If you take care of the above, online shopping can be a very rewarding experience.

Yes we love shopping. I means we are not shopaholic, but a wise shopper. We always looking for a great deals and MYSALE is always the best choice! Just in case you don't know, MYSALE is a part of the largest shopping club in Australasia, APACSALE Group which operates on clearance channel for the biggest global brands, across four different continents offering the public savings of up to 80% designer brand names.

APACSALE Group also operate flash sale website in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, Thailand and the Philippines and in additional will open in Korea, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom in the next two months to sell the biggest brands for the best prices to their private 9 million membership database and I believe there are more to come.

Since its launch, MYSALE has worked with over 1000 brand partners across 8 categories; ladieswear, childrenswear, menswear, homeware, toys, health and beauty, footwear and accessories. One website can get several brands or even more products from one online store. Deals have savings of up to 80%, shop globally and delivery to your doorstep, and authentically of products. So what are you still waiting for? Sign up to be a member now and the membership is free! Download the MYSALE application on your smartphone too!

MYSALE has provided an amazing way to grab your desired on best price!

This is my favorite part. Download the application on your smartphone so you can check and purchase
all the beautiful stuffs all the time!

Overall, it's a pleasant time shopping with MYSALE. I'm extremely excited when MYSALE appeared in Malaysia! They have a wide selection from low to high end products. I love shopping with MYSALE! Can't wait to see MYSALE bring in more wonderful brands in the nearest future.



  1. Dear Evangeline Yan and Cherrie Liong,

    We would like to thank you for writing such an awesome write up. Thank you for your supporting Mysale. Do drop us a message on Facebook if you would need any assistance. Thanks :-)

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