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Are you ready for the real exciting sale online event? I have mentioned that online shopping is becoming increasingly popular for shoppers. There are so many reasons which make online shopping an excellent option for many busy shoppers. But the most benefit of the online shopping is convenience, because you will be able to access internet 24 hours to check anything which you want from the site. Do you still remember MYSALE? It is part of the largest shopping club in Australasia, APACSALE Group, which operates an online clearance channel for the biggest global brands. At MYSALE, you can go online shopping in everything you want because they have eight categories like ladieswear, menswear, chilrenswear, homeware, toys, heath & beauty with great deals. If you're a savvy shopper, then you shouldn't miss the Flash Frenzy!
Flash Frenzy is the best time to shop bargains with the countless sales offered by MYSALE and this online sale event is across four different continents. The awesome biggest online event starting on November 2, 2013 for 3 days only and this online sale event is going happen across the entire APACSALE, including MYSALE! This is so great that you can enjoy discount up to 80% with over 150 biggest brands will be offered during these 3 days such as Coach, Nike, Relvon, Puma, Marc Jacobs, Bally, Hugo Boss and more biggest brands. 
Also, there new brands will be launched online almost every hour. So make sure you download the MYSALE app incase you miss the new sales. There's a benefit if you sign in via the MYSALE app, you will be allowed access to the Flash Frenzy sale 1 hour before everyone else. Which mean you are faster than everyone else to experience this biggest online sale event. Do not hesitate to download the MYSALE app.

We are happy to tell you guys that you are now able to win RM30 shopping vouchers on Duo Gigs blog. Yes, good things are always happen! Duo Gigs and MYSALE are giving away a shopping spree. We are ready 100 units of RM30 shopping vouchers for my first 100 lovely readers. This applies only when you spend a minimum of RM100. Here's the voucher code: BLOGGERMY910

Wish you guys happy shopping!


  1. Nam Mo A Mi Tuo Fo, Ni Hao Ashley, yesterday evening the internet didn't work, you know why. Here are some Pure Land teachings from Patriarchs and one Buddhist word definition:

    Important teaching of Pure Land from Patriarch Triet Ngo: Ten believable mind to reborn in Pure Land

    1. One should believe that if there is birth then there will be death, there aren't anyone in the world who is born but have no death.
    2. One should believe that life is impermanent, you still have your breathing out, but you hardly keep your breathing in, when you can't breath in, you will go to next life.
    3. One should believe that the cycle of rebirths and deaths are full of obstacles and difficulties, one wrong thought can immediately push you down the three evil paths. Being born as a human being is as little as number of soils in Buddha's fingernails, losing an extremely rare opportunity to be born as a human being is as much as number of soils of the great earth.
    4. One should believe that time spent in the three evil paths are very long, once you are born in the three evil paths then you spent time there with hundreds of thousand lives, when you can escape there!
    5. One should believe that everything Shakyamuni Buddha preached are no lies, sun and moon can fall down, mount Sumeru (largest mountain in the Solar system) can be moved, but whatever Buddhas preach are unchanged.
    6. One should believe that there is Amitabha Buddha's Pure Land as there is present Saha world, obviously in existence.
    7. One should believe that when you have Belief and Vow to reborn in Pure Land then you will reborn in that Pure Land. The Sutra explained clearly to you without any lies!
    8. One should believe that once you reborn in Pure Land then your cultivation won't retreat, Pure Land scenaries are wonderful, conditions for cultivations are strong, mind of retreat won't start.
    9. One should believe that once you reborn in Pure Land, sooner or later you will become a Buddha with innumerable long life, there is nothing can't be done!
    10. One should believe that Dharma is idealism, (mind only, the theory that the only reality is mental, that of the mind). Idealism has two meanings: Mind has everything and mind makes everything. Our mind already has the above Dharma, all made by our mind.
    By believe in Buddha's teachings, you make the four next Dharma (from belief number 5 to belief number 8); when you don't believe in Buddha's teachings, you only make the four previous Dharma (from belief number 1 to belief number 4). Hence when you believe deeply in Buddha's teachings, you believe deeply in your Buddha mind; by practicing Pure Land Buddhism, with all these believable mind then you will reborn in Pure Land without any difficulties!

    Preached by Patriarch Triet Ngo
    July, the year of the rat in Eastern horoscope, Nột Ðường Ðạo Nhân wrote.


    To be continued

  2. A few Pure Land teachings of Patriarch Thie^.n Dda.o:

    In the Dharma sea, because of Belief you are accepted. In Pure Land Buddhism, Belief is much more essential.


    In ancient time, Vương Trọng Hồi asked Dương Vô Vi: "How could I recite Amitabha Buddha's name without interuptions?" Mr. Duong replied: "Once you have belief then you will have no more doubts!". Mr. Vuong left happily. Later in his dream, Mr. Duong saw Mr. Trong Hoi arrived to see him with gratitude: "Because of your advice, I had great benefits, now I already reborn in Pure Land".


    Definition of the word Wisdom:

    Different levels of insight into the nature of reality. There are, for example, the three wisdoms of hearing, contemplation and meditation. Ultimately, there is the wisdom realizing emptiness, which frees beings from cyclic existence and eventually brings them to enlightenment.

    Commentary: The ultimate Wisdom is the Wisdom of Cultivation.

    There will be much more Dharma translation today, sincerely, Thich Tam Tinh.

    My other Buddhist websites you should visit to have much more Wisdoms of Cultivations:

    www.TrueHappiness.ws and


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