Duo Gigs Hong Kong Travel Diary #5 : Baby Café

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One of the best experiences during the time I've spent away in Hong Kong is getting the chance to visit famous and quaint restaurant. Baby Café is one of the restaurant I want to visit, because I was curious about everything in this cafe. The best thing of the Baby Café was the design and decoration, the restaurant theme used black and white to creates a chic, relaxing and joyful dinning environment. There also many of Angelababy photos displaying on the wall. 

If you're looking for that beautiful cafe for a cozy and delicious brunch, Baby Café is the perfect place for that. There's no à la carte, but only lunch and dinner set to choose which is served with a soup, salad and dessert. I ordered Angela Tasting Platter, the platter served with japanese scramble eggs with truffle, seared salmon fillet and spaghetti napoleon. The food was nice enough, I love the drinks Strawberry & Grapefruit Mint Mojito, it taste sweet, sour and fresh. Of course I still can't get enough, so the dessert Hokkaido 3.6 Milk Panna Cotta was the perfect ending of this brunch. 

Since it was a late brunch and a weekday, so the cafe was empty which gave me the chance to see the beautiful decoration. The cozy atmosphere, beautiful and chic decor were more impressive than the food. It was absolutely nothing wrong, the foods were also above my expectations, I enjoyed it a lot. But the lighting of the Baby Café isn't the best and it's harder to snap a good picture of the dishes. Anyway, it was a great experienced to us.

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1 comment

  1. Looks really good. Unfortunately came across your blog after i went to Hong Kong! tsk.


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