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I've wanted to do this post for a long time. Let's to be honest, there's something about a girl who looks smoking hot and sexy in menswear, also there are plenty of girls who manage to look perfect in men's clothes. Some rock suits, other rock street wear, but they all look incredible good either way. How to define my own style? Black? Street Gothic? Boyish? Or minimalistic? Well, forget about mine because I'm about to share you my favorite menswear street-fashion darlings!

Meet Esther Quek, fashion director of The Rake. Honestly think Esther Quek works a suit and tie better than most guys. Mad in love with her color combinations and tasteful accessories.

Images: style.com/ solitaire-solidaire

Please don't tell me you don't know this name - Kate Lanphear, style director of Elle. Her name is huge in fashion industry and she always reminds me of David Bowie. Seriously, they are a lot of blogs and fashion magazines dedicated to her style. She wears tons of black, leathers and pantsuits.

images: Jak and Jil/ Le-21eme

She is not my favorite supermodel but I bet all of you know who is she - Agyness Deyn. When we think about "tomboy" style, we think of Agyness. Vividly remember she showed off a blonde pixie crop on the catwalk for Alberta Ferretti show for Spring Summer 2007 in September 2006. That was a good strike!

images: modelcouture.livejournal.com

I love her blog and instagram so much. Jayne Min is my chick! And her blog Stop It Right Now always putting up awesome photoshop skills, her outfit pictures, and style inspirations. It's pretty tough to use few simple words to describe her style. What about "minimalistic but always with a mix of tomboy and skateboard"?

images: Stop It Right Now 

Tell me, who else looks as hot in menswear as Rihanna does? No doubt, Rihanna has also proven her style is versatile. Her style is king because it's pretty versatile with a good mix of sexy outfits with menswear-inspired looks.

images: Collegefashion

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  1. Esther Quek's style so awesome!

    This is a very inspiring post! :D

  2. Guess what, I've mistaken the second pic as you until I scroll down more! OMG that's you right? (Or not)

  3. omg Eshter Quek looks amazing! Now you make me feel like going shopping for menswear.... -.-'


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