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Probably this is one of my busiest weeks I've had in a while, there's an event and advertorials I have to done before weekend. As I had so many things have to finish before my trip to Hong Kong, I thought it would be great to show you guys what my travel essentials. I was thinking about what I'm going to take with me. Packing tons of skincare and make-up never been a good idea for me. I always trying to pack ''the most light'' beauty travel bag, as I had many travel experiences I knew in my travel bag I only take the most important stuffs and also the products I will use for sure. Basically I will take with me some make-up products for skin such as Chanel powder, CC Cream, Jill Stuart compact foundation powder and blush, IPSA concealer and RMK Smoothing Stick. About eye-makeup I only take some brown eyeshadow palettes such as RMK duo eyeshadow palettes and Estee Lauder x MICHAEL KORS glitter eyeshadow for night use. Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel and Kiss Me volume mascara is necessary. Then 3 Concept Eye lips products in different colors for changing my make-up looks. Let's talk about my skincare. I think I'm the lazy girl to bring complicate skincare products with me. My step for skincare is pretty simple, just use the make-up remover tissue and facial foam, then few drops of Aesop Hydrating serum and I'm off to bed. For Clarins Shaping Facial Lift serum I only apply it on morning for my puffy eyes and face. The Hello Kitty whitening mask just in case for my dull skin. I wish it give you an idea of what to bring on your next trip. 
Here's the little sharing of my nail arts done at my to-go spot at Bling Bling Nail, Pavilion 6 Floor. I love make-up and hair, but I never much focus on my nails care. So I planned on getting my nail arts done before my trip to Hong Kong. I'm so in love with my black and white nail arts, on my right hands they drew ''DUO GIGS'' words on it. Perfect for any occasion and outfits, it's make me feel good every time when I looked down on my hands. Make me happy!
In about 24 hours I will be traveling to the beautiful Hong Kong. For some reason I love traveling and I always end up having hard time to keeping up my blog. But I will try my best to keep more update on the next five day in Hong Kong. Have any of you been to this beautiful country? Any recommendation on places to visit and eat?

Anyway, wish me luck!
See you all in Hong Kong. 

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  1. Must go chui wah, eat the 奶油猪 , 咖哩猪扒饭 , and go HK must eat 蒲蛋挞(egg tart) ! damn freaking delicious! and must eat at 欧洲牛奶公司!their breakfast is superb good!!!!!! hehehee enjoy your trip!!


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