Duo Gigs Looks #4 : Back In Love With Denim Shirts


Sometimes, classic pieces like denim shirt is a versatile pieces make for the best outfits. I'm definitely full of new ideas on how to style in denim shirts. At the moment, we feel about wearing same denim shirts in different style. We got two different pieces of denim shirts at Uniqlo. One is oversized denim shirt, you can wear it as one-piece or a denim jacket. Another one is the most versatile denim shirt can style in hundred looks. I paired the denim shirt with versatile leather jacket and Zara skort. I found myself back in love with denim shirts, it was not only feel comfy but stylish and a piece never fade in trend. Hope you guys enjoy the Duo Gigs denim looks. 

Uniqlo oversized denim shirts // Topshop backpack // Ann Demeulemeester boots // 

Uniqlo denim shirts // Topshop versatile leather jacket // Zara skort // Zara heels //

Happy Tuesday everyone. 
Five more days to Hong Kong!

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  1. Nam Mo A Mi Tuo Fo, hi Duo Gigs, excuse me for posting a message for Palicia Zoe here if you don't mind, xie xie Ni. You can learn from my new translations.

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    04. Take care of his Parents' property and properties.
    05. Give medicines to his Parents when they're ill, and when they pass away, he should always respect them as a child.

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    01. Raise him up like other Parents.
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    Sincerely, translator Tam Tinh.


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