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Now I know in the Malaysia it is still torridity weather, please drink more water dolls! So I just wanted to confess a recent love of mine to you all. It's something which has been hiding in my make-up purse for days and days. At first I dismissed it thinking it was too dark for me and the wrong tone for my skin, but the other week I  tried it on again and it was amazingly surprised me!

I'm constantly wearing red and purple lipstick and realized that I don't like it when they're too light or just plain too matte looking. The lipstick from Topshop (DEPTH) is good. I'm a huge fan of lipstick and the lipstick is very creamy enough but not sheer lipstick. It's so pigmented, even a light coating of this lipstick gives a bold color. However, what do I love about the lipstick the most is the lipstick also has an amazing staying power!

Many of us want to rock the dark lip trend but dark lips are really not easy to do! Little mistake really shows up, especially if you are super pale like me and don't have perfect lips (in fact they are very uneven and it's shows up when I smile). So here is my little technique for achieving dark lips.

First step. Start with clean and moisturized lips! 

Second, line your lips with your lipliner or eyeliner pencil and fill them in. 

Third, apply your lipstick with right tone for your skin. 

The next, apply the concealer around the edges of your lips. It prevents the lipstick from feathering and it lightens the area around your lips to make the darkness stand out more.

This is the hottest trend! Simple and gorgeous dark lips make-up! 

This is different between before and after. Without black lips it's look normal natural make-up.

Compare the colors to your natural lip color, after apply black lipsticks it's looks more stylish and exquisite.

Hope you all enjoy it and please any comment if I went wrong anywhere. 
Good night dolls! 

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1 comment

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