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Hi everyone, making the best out of my first day in Bangkok. I know I've made a promise to you guys that I will blog about my makeup of using the Arty Professional products. So, here's the makeup that I done with the products. Sometimes color usage can make a huge difference.
Complexion Modifier (Lilac) // Shimmer Compact Powder // Mania Face Color B5 (blue) and NY (brown) // Nudy Lip Color; Manila (P6) //
Some of the cute goodies I received from the event. Thank you to Arty Professional for the awesome items.

Let's start with the base.
Apply little amount of Complexion Modifier. Focus on cheek and T-zone and blend out the foundation with finger.
You can see the different after I applied the makeup base. It enhanced my right side skin tone to more brighten. Every makeup will look great, only if the base is perfect. *Pictures without edit!
Brush some Simmer Compact Powder. This is light and soft shimmer powder. You can mix all to brighten your face skin. Contain ''Vitamin E derivative'' and ''Natural Plant Extract'' that help to moisturize and makes you skin looks healthy.
My right side radiant face have show you the result. It's not really shimmering but make my skin tone look flawless in naturally.
Here's the close-up eyes makeup I done with Mania Face Color B5(blue) and NY(brown). Using colored eyeshadows make more cute and playful.

How to achieve eye make-up.
Step 1: Draw a wing liner with eyeliner gel.
Step 2: Draw lower eye liner with the wing pointing a bit downward.
Step 3: Soften the eye liner with brown eyeshadow(NY).
Step 4: Gradually build the color on outer part of upper lids.
Step 5: Add some blue eyeshadow(B5) to inner corner of eyes.
Step 6: Curls lashes and apply a few coats of mascara.
Apply lipstick Manila (P6).
The ''Little Blue Eyes'' makeup looks is done. The eyes seem more attractive in blue eyeshadow. Give it a try eye make-up in colored. You'll surprised the outcome.

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