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My weekend going to be relaxing, fun and joyful. Entirely spent with my family and friends. I've decided to updated a overdue post about Singapore today. We not took much pictures in Singapore and most of the pictures is about cakes, chocolates and desserts.
Landed in Singapore Changi Airport. We took MRT trains to get to the city and the Changi Airport is conveniently near the MRT station. Well, this is our first time took the trains in Singapore. So far I think whenever it is convenient to passengers.
We didn't have any plans so we decided took a stroll in Orchard Road. But the worst thing was we were so hungry and we had no idea where we are heading to. So we had a discussion on lunch, dinner and next destination.
After the discussion we lunched in a Japanese soba restaurant at Paragon Mall.
Continue strolling around in Takashimaya after a satisfying lunch. Girls always love to shop in pharmacy to get some nice stuffs with reasonable price. After then we were having our dessert here and what surprised us is their snacks and sweets. Especially Japanese desserts and sweets. They are so cute. Evangeline is a sweet tooth so she's the one extremely excited.
This is so tempting. I wish I could try all of these snacks.
We bought Fukuwatashi Senbei. It is cookie with vanilla cream. The taste was surprisingly crunchy and it's not too sweet.
There's another cake is attracted us is Juchheim Baumkuchen cakes. Baumkuchen is a traditional German cake and this is a very special cake and is also used as the symbol of the German Confectionery Association. The Baumkuchen is baked on a rotating rod instead and the ingredients of the cake is eggs, flour, wheat flour, sugar and butter that's all.
We bought a box to home.
These chocolates, cookies and cakes are tempting. It's too much for sweets and I felt guilty. LOL

We were stop taking pictures after in Takashimaya Mall. So the next destination is Marina Bay Sand. You know how amazing there place is. Now I am guilty I am not taking pictures at MBS, there are so beautiful places. We just having chilling sessions at there before we caught up the flight.

Outfits details:
Egyptofunk T-shirt from Balenciaga // studded leatherette skirt from Bazaar // Balenciaga bracelet // 3.1 Phillip Lim pashli mini bag // SUPER sunglasses //
Givenchy Rottweiler tee // leatherette vest from H&M // leatherette pencil skirt from BKK // Alexandar Wang Rocco bag // Forever 21 wedges // SUPER sunglasses // Casio watch //

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