The Best Halloween Party


Happy Halloween! What is everyone dressed up as? We know most of you probably have read Jane, Ashley and Nana's blogs that talk about the Halloween post. Well, hope you guys don't mind reading the same post from Duo Gigs. This was not the first time we attended the Halloween party, but it was our first time dressed up for the Halloween. Last Friday night was our Halloween party, what surprised us was everyone is put lot of efforts on their costumes. That's a real costumes party! Anyway, thank to Jane, Ashley and Nana organized the best Halloween party. Thanks you for prepared the foods, beverages, games and decorations. Had an amazing time with you guys.

We have to say we are totally in love with the Halloween crew's costumes, especially the boys went extreme. Laugh out loud!
Fun dressed up as DC Comics Heroes. Do you like our Silk Spectre and Catwomen costumes?
Cherrie as Watchman's character Silk Spectre.
Evangeline as Catwomen.
Nana as Arabian princess.
Jane as Wizard girl.
Ashley as cute Minnie Mouse.
Natalie as sexy cop.
The best costume goes to you Lee J as Egyptian dancer.
Miao as Super Mario.
Loongkei as Princess of China.
Ngee Tong as Japanese Samurai?!
Huan as one of the kind Shanghai Celebrity.
The winner is Mindfreakeat as Princess Cinderella!!
Let's start the party game, the camera scavenger game. Everyone randomly separated into 4 teams and each team has 3 task to complete. Upload 3 pictures to instagram with B1171 hasgtag and the fastest teams are the winner.
Team 1
Team 2
Team 3
Team 4
Jane's team is the loser team! The punishment is finish all the volka jelly!
Epic pictures time:
Boys group picture:
Girls group pictures:
Taking memories instant camera.
Jane was writing the memories caption on the instant film.
Last Friday night having an amazing Halloween party. Honestly having the best Halloween ever with them! It was really fun. Love you guys.


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