Getaway to Universal Studios Singapore


This is Duo Gigs first time visit a theme park for all ages, Universal Studios Singapore. We took a morning flight and taxi off to Universal Studios. Both of us are so excited and we feel like a little girls. Anyway, we have so much fun in USS!
Took picture with The Universal Globe before we get into the USS.
Here we are, The Hollywood Street. The real Hollywood Boulevard Of 1970s and the famous Hollywood ''Walk Of Fame''. There have few funky hats in the corner that you can wear it to take picture.
After Hollywood Street is Evangeline's favorite cartoons Madagascar. The first ride we took is Madagascar: A Crate Adventure Ride. It's not that excited that we thought but its quite relaxing ride and its suitable for kids.
Welcome to The Far Far Away Kingdom based on the animations The Shrek. Cherrie was so excited to explore the castle. What surprised us is Shrek 4-D Adventure, you can feel the action right from your seat in a fairytale journey. Don't forget to take a ride of Steel Junior Roller Coaster, it's fun.
The next is The Lost World is present Jurassic Park and Waterworld. 
Waterworld is the live show performances. Very impressive show and its worth to watch.
Ancient Egypt! The Revenge of The Mummy is our favorite thrilling rides and don't forget to take a picture with movie characters.
In The Sci-fi City, the Transformers 3D ride is the one of thrilling rides you won't want to miss. It's really awesome. Seriously you have to experience it yourself. 
Picture with Bumblebee. It look real right? 
Pictures time! Sesame Street in The New York City. 
Anyway, if you happen to visit Universal Studios Singapore, you will love it. Just like us have an amazing day in Singapore. 


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