Evangeline: To be wild


Wild one wild one. I know I have a little obsession with animal print especially leopard print so when I saw animal print clothes I would buy it immediately. Why we just can't resist the leopard print? As a matter of fact, we can see leopard print is anytime, anywhere and I even think the leopard print will never be outdated. I love leopard print because it is a way to show women’s inner world. You know, when a woman is wearing something that resembles animal prints like leopard, she's like  got the sexy behavior that would make us wild and ROOOAR! 

Leopard print skater dress from Topshop. No doubt, I love the structured skater dresses and had bought most of Topshop's previous editions. This dress has the perfect shape and the print looks amazing laid flat! Overall, gorge material and timeless print. 



  1. Love between two different sex and sex both are unreal, buddhist Sage Hue Quang. There are many ways to explain them. The most simple and undeniable ones are:
    a. LOVE BETWEEN TWO DIFFERENT SEX IS UNREAL because the mind is unreal. Everyone’s mind is unreal and that mind is just a contaminated form of real Buddha mind. Everyone has a Buddha mind and this Buddha mind is the only thing that everyone owns in the cycles of rebirth, nothing else. Everyone owns good karma or bad karma that they make too but after they get the fruits of good karma and pay the fruits of bad karma then all the karma is gone.
    b. SEX IS UNREAL because the body is unreal. Nobody can keep this body when they die, next life they will have a new body.
    Love and sex are unreal, yet they can make many people waist lot of time, money, efforts, making bad karma, even go crazy for them. I say NO to love between to different sex and sex because they are just unreal. Don’t pay attention to the lady in silver suit on top of my website. I don’t ask you to pay me anything because Dharma should be free. Hue Quang.

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