CherrieL: Sweet, Dolly Eyelashes #1

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Yet another product reviews here. I love to share all the little cute and useful beauty products to my loves. Sharing is caring. False eyelashes are huge in Asia. All lovely girls I’m sure know that all false eyelashes are not created equal, but it’s good to see the different styles and how they look instantly compared. Bought another new false eyelashes from Sasa last week. Obviously those eyelashes are from Japan. You can found that there are lots and lots of Japanese brands that make beautiful false lashes at very affordable prices. Guess what girls? It's only RM2x.xx for 3 pairs.

If you are prefer your eyes to be more dolly looking, then the green box Japanese false eyelashes is the answer to your question. 

Today I am wearing this Dolly series (green box). The false lashes in the end are thicker and longer hence it would make your eyes look much longer and sexy. And the width of the false lashes is shorter than the Dolly Wink false eyelashes. It fits perfectly on my eyes and it's blends with my natural lashes nicely!

This is a picture of what the lashes look like:


1 comment

  1. eyes so mesmerizing with those lashes! like it alot!


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