Evangeline: Wardrobe clean up


Hello lovelies! Can you believe Christmas is coming soon? We all know that, every new year comes with new starts and new resolutions. I hope all my lovelies had a wonderful holiday session and an amazing new year. Okay, let's get to the point. My very first order of business this year is refreshing my closet. To be honest with you, over the past few years my closet has become a bit overcrowded. And I also found that I have a lot of no-more-used pieces in my closet. The truth is, these pieces only taking up space and make it difficult to navigate through the closet. The worst part is ,it can make you extremely frustrated or discouraged. 

Check the picture below. I guess you can clearly spot that my terrible closet, it's like a disaster. 

So I'm here gonna share with my lovelies how do I clean up all the nasty pieces. Well, it's pretty easy but also take you long time to finish it. First, I will go through all my entire closet and try everything on. Be honest with yourself about FIT. If it doesn’t fit, give it away. I know sounds like WASTE, but try to think on the other side, You can do a great deal of good in 2012. Second, organize your closet by color and silhouette. This is a must because  it will make getting dressed much easier. Don't be a lazy ass and stop giving yourself any excuses. 

Last but not least, try to spend 30 minutes a week going through your closet. When you buy something new, just throw out something out. Yes, just because you bought new clothes, so you really don't need those funky ratty old clothes anymore, it will take out your space. Okay, I think I should really stop here and get back to clean up my terrible wardrobe. Love you lovelies. 



  1. first time visit here and view back all ur posts..i love ur blog~Evangeline n Cherrie..r u both twins??

  2. i wonder if "blupblup" wants you to do a blogpost how would you charge? Double? haha.


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